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Your Northwest Ontario Timber Wolf Hunting Guide

Northern Ontario Timber Wolf HuntHunting for wolves in Northwest Ontario with NWO Outfitters can be done as a combination package or on a strictly hunt wolves basis. Wolves are legal to hunt from Sept. 15th, in any year to March 31, in the next year following. Color phases range from pure black to pure white with various shades and patterns in between. Brush Wolves (coyotes) and fox maybe taken on a wolf license during specific seasons.

Wolf hunting can be a cold prospect in the Lake of the Woods area around Kenora, Ontario. Temperatures in Northwestern Ontario can dip down to minus – 40 degrees (roughly the same in Fahrenheit or Celsius = basically darn cold). This gives the Boreal Forest Timber Wolf a thick and luscious hide and it also means the hunter must wear the warmest of hunting gear.

Wolf hunting is done over baits and requires sitting motionlessly in the cold for long periods of time. A flat shooting, scoped rifle is a must as most shots will be greater than 100 yards.

Timber Wolves are large, efficient predators. In a pack they can bring down an adult moose or the largest of whitetails. Timber Wolves make beautiful rug mounts or full body mounts. Many countries do not have wolves and if they do, there is no open season. This allows guests a chance at a rare trophy. It is legal to export wolves out of Canada with a CITIES permit.