Why baiting Whitetails is not hunting

The video below just goes to prove the point why baiting whitetails is not real hunting 🙂

2013 Whitetail Deer Hunt

At NWO Outfitters in Kenaro, Ontario, we are gearing up for the 2013 whitetail deer hunt! We can’t wait to see all the hunters in camp and look forward to offering great hunting for big bucks in a remote area with limited hunting pressure on Lake of the Woods. Can you feel the excitement!

Ontario Whitetail Hunt

You Never Know What You Might Catch Ice Fishing on Lake of the Woods!

We love guiding ice fishermen on Lake of the Woods and the surrounding area lakes in the Kenora, Ontario region in the winter! There are so many species of fish that we may catch ice fishing it really keeps us on our toes and makes for an exciting guide trip.

This video captures our ice fishing party as we land a mighty 51″ musky while ice fishing in Northwest Ontario!


Lake of the Woods Ontario Ice Fishing Too Hot To Pass Up!

The ice fishing on Lake of the Woods has been outstanding! Come on up and let NWO guide you for some great ice fishing in Northwest Ontario.

Come experience ice fishing at its finest, with NWO Outfitters on Lake of the Woods or remote inland lake ice fishing packages.

The remote inland lake fishing is a chance to hike or snowmobile into natural lakes, sit by an open fire and savor The Great White North. This breath taking experience is complimented further with a winter shore lunch of fresh fish (if preferred). Quite often these outings provide opportunities to view some of the local wildlife.

If warmth and a comfortable chair are more your style, fish in the luxury of 8Ă—12 ft. heated ice shacks that you can drive your truck to. Shack fishing produces jumbo Perch (lots of 11 inchers with some up to 13 inches +). Walleye is plentiful, and with luck, the chance of catching a Lake Trout out of the same holes.

NWO Ice Fishing Guide Services